The Competizione dell`Opera is a place for people who seek and find their own expression, who are willing to go beyond borders.

Not coincidently the competition is responsible for the discovery of international celebrated singer personalities as Marina Mescheriakova, Ashley Holland, Anja Harteros, Carla Maria Izzo, Eleonore Maguerre.

You see, you are in really good company. A glimpse into the impressive calendars of the finalists of the former years:

2022 Moscow
2019 Sochi
2017 Linz
2016 Moskau
2015 Linz
2014 Linz
2014 Tashkent
2013 Linz
2012 Minsk
2011 Moskau
2010 Dresden
2009 Dresden
2008 Dresden
2007 Dresden
2006 Dresden
2004 Dresden
2002 Dresden
2001 Dresden
1998 Hamburg
1996 Hamburg
1. Awardee
Gyungmin Gwon
2. Awardee
Aleksandra Szmyd
3. Awardee
Olga Maslova
1. Awardee
2. Awardee
3. Awardee
1. Awardee
Mikhailo Malafi
2. Awardee
Badral Chuluunbaatar
3. Awardee
Beojim Kim
1. Awardee
Elena Bezgodkova
2. Awardee
Hyunjai Lee
3. Awardee
Gleb Peryazev
1. Awardee
Jaegyeong Jo
2. Awardee
Jaquelina Livieri
3. Awardee
Maria Galkina
1. Awardee
Elena Stikhina
2. Awardee
Ekaterina Ferzba
3. Awardee
Junbum Lee, Zsolt Haja
1. Awardee
Barno Ismatullayeva
2. Awardee
Pavel Petrov
3. Awardee
Idrisov Djabrail
1. Awardee
James Lee
2. Awardee
Ramiz Usmanov
3. Awardee
Kartal Karagedik
1. Awardee
Rahim Mirzakamalov
2. Awardee
Dariya Knyazyeva
3. Awardee
Aiuna Bazargurueva

DARIYA KNYAZYEVA – Rivne- mezzosoprano

Daria Knyazyeva, mezzosoprano, was born in 1984 in Rivne. She visited the mykola Lysenko National Music Academy of Lviv and the Art college of Rivne.

The is an ensmble member of the national Opera of Ukraine and sang there the part of Maddalena in Rigoletto, Marta in Iolanta, Polina in the Queen of Spades and Olga in The Queen of Spades.

She won the 3rd prize oft he Mykola Lysenko International Music competition.


ANATOLI SIVKO – Zamostiany – bass

Anatoli Sivko, bass, was born in July in the village Zamostiany, Oshmiany distrivt.

In 2008 he graduate from vocal department of Ginsky Musical College in Molodechno. And entered the affiliated branch of Belarussian State Academy of Music on the basis of Oginsky state Musical College in Molodechno. Now he is a 5th year student oft he Vocal-Choral departement of Belarusian stae Academy of Music .

He is a scholarship holder of the Special Fund of the President oft he Republic of Belarus in supporting young talented artists. He is a silver medal winner at the 2nd Universal Delphian Games. He is the Grand prize winner at the International O. Petrusenko Vocalsists Contest, the 2nd prize winner at the International Klaudia taev Contest of Young Opera Singers in Estonia and the 1st prize winner at the International Alexey Ivanov Vocalists Contest in Tiver 2009.


ILYA SILCHUKOU – Minsk- Bariton

Ilya Silchukou, Bariton, was born in 1982 in Minsk. In 2007 he graduated Belarussian State Academy of Music.

In 2011 he enrolled in Young Singers Program of Salzburger Festspiele2011 (Salzburg, Austria). Since 2005 – he is soloist National Academic Bolshoi opera and ballet theatre. He is laureate of international competitions and appears on stage of Opera di Roma, Oper Frankfurt, Oper Bregenz, Slovenske Narodne Divadlo.


LYUBOV SITNIK – Elista – soprano

Lyubov Sitnik, soprano, was born 1985 in Elista, Russia.

She graduated from R.A.M. Gnesinich, Classes of the National Singer of Russian Federation Nina Terentieva. In 2010 she became a grant student oft he Republic of Kalmykia.

In 2011 she became a grant student oft he Yury Rozum Fund.

The took part in several contests. In 2009 she won the silver medal 8th Youth Delfiy`s games of Russia, in 2011 the 2nd award of the International contest Grand Prix Saint Petersburg.

In 2011 she performed Muzettas`s part from „Royal Bridge“ opera with the National Orchestra of V.M Shkurovsky.

2012 she performed a Verdi aria from Ernanis opera under the baton of Alim Chachmametiev in St. Petersburg.


ANASTASIA KIKOT – Khabarovsk – soprano

Anastasia Kikot, soprano, was born in 1988 in Khabarovsk.

In 2002 she began to study singing. In 2003 she entered the Khabarovsk State Regional College of Art in the department of solo singing. In 2007 she graduated from the College of Arts and entered the St. Petersburg Conservatory. She has given concerts in Khabarovsk, Minsk, St. Petersburg, Vienna, Berlin and Sicily.


VICTORIA YAROVAYA – Moscow – mezzo-soprano

Victoria Yarovaya, mezzo-soprano, was born 1980 in Moscow, Russia. She graduated from the Academic Music College at the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, going on to study at the Opera Centre under Galina Vishnevskaya. In 2009 she studied at “Academia Rossiniana” and perfomerd with Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini.

She has been a member of ensemble at the Novaya Opera Theatre in Moscow. During the 2011 – 2012 seasons Victoria has sung in Vienna at the Theater an der Wien.


SEUNG HEE KIM – Seoul – Soprano

Seung Hee Kim, soprano, was born 1985 in Seoul, South Korea. In 2008 she studies singing at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna under Prof. Claudia Visca.

She won numerous prizes in several competitions, among others the 2nd prize of the Taliavini Competition in Austria, the Audience Award of the Dostal Operetta Competition. She is 1st prize winner oft he Duo Piano Voice Singing Competition in Bulgaria.


KARINA KHERUNTS – Moscow – mezzo-soprano

Karina Kherunts, mezzo-soprano, was born 1987 in Moscow, Russia. 2002 she finished Muscial School with diploma and degree on opera/chorus singing. She visited Moscow State College by P.I Tchaikovsky from 2005 -2009 and Moscow State Conservatory by P.I. Tchaikovskiy from 2009 – 2011.

She won 4th place of  International Festival of Modern Art Education in 2007 and 3rd place of Concorso Internazionale di Canto S.V. Rakhmaninov 2010.

In 2010 he was finalist of the All-russian Vocal Contest by Obukhova.


TATIANA BARSUKOVA – Smolensk – soprano

Tatiana Barsukova, soprano, was born 1982 in Smolensk, Russia. She studies at the Moscow State Conservatory named after P.I. Tchaikovsky. She took part in  several Competitions such as the 7th and 8th Elena Obraztsova International Competition of Young Opera Singers and the International Opera Singers` Competition named after Glinka and advanced to the semifinal. She was laureate of the 48 International Vocal competition named after Francesco Vinas.


MARIA SEMOCHKINA – Russia – soprano

Maria Semochkina, soprano, was born in 1981 in Russia. From 2007  she visits the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory. 2006 she won the second prize oft he International Youth Music Festival Competition „Hopes, talents, masters“ and 2007 the Grand Prix of the International Festival of Slavic Music in Moscow.

In 2009 she gets a diploma of the Seventh Elena Obraztsova International  Competition of Young Opera Singers.




1. Awardee
Roman Burdenko
2. Awardee
Igor Golovatenko
3. Awardee
Mikhail Korobenikov
Roman Burdenko

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1. Awardee
Mandy Fredrich
2. Awardee
Olga Pudova
3. Awardee
Donovan Singletary
Mandy Fredrich

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1. Awardee
Mária Porubicinová
2. Awardee
Paulina Gonzales Melgarejo
3. Awardee
Yun-Jeong Lee
Mária Porubicinová

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1. Awardee
Russel Thomas
2. Awardee
Krenare Gashi
3. Awardee
Stephanie Atanasov
Russel Thomas
1. Awardee
Sangmin Lee
2. Awardee
Anna Pegova
3. Awardee
Sung-Kon Kim
Sangmin Lee
1. Awardee
Maria José Siri
2. Awardee
Alexey Markov
3. Awardee
Dante Alcalá
Maria José Siri
1. Awardee
Florin Cezar Quatu
2. Awardee
Eun-Ae Kim
3. Awardee
Eleonore Marguerre
Florin Cezar Quatu

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1. Awardee
Latonia Moore
2. Awardee
Banu Böke
3. Awardee
Hyoung-Kyoo Kang
Latonia Moore

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1. Awardee
Carla Maria Izzo
2. Awardee
Woo Kyung Kim
3. Awardee
Ekaterian Morozowa & Kristiane Kaiser
Carla Maria Izzo

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1. Awardee
Ashley Holland
2. Awardee
3. Awardee
Janina Baechle

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1. Awardee
Mariana Mescheriakowa
2. Awardee
Sergey Murzaev
3. Awardee
Anja Harteros & Dorothee Jansen

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