Terms and Conditions

The competition is open to singers from all countries who study, have studied or have been enrolled at a music college, conservatory or a comparable institution. Private students must provide proof of comparable qualifications to take part in the competition. The competition coordinators may approve participation in the competition after inspection of these documents.        
Age Limit
Choice of Arias
Video and Foto Consent
...and else

Women: 18 – 31 years of age (born after January 1, 1992)

Men: 18 – 33 years of age (born after January 1, 1990)


Each participant must prepare to sing six arias in Italian by memory and in the original key.

The arias must consist of the following:

1. Four compulsory arias from the list of arias (www.competizionedellopera.de)

2. Two arias of the participant’s choice from the entire Italian opera repertoire

Each aria must be from a different opera. If the arias of the participant’s choice are not on the list of arias, the participant must enclose a copy of the aria in question with the registration. The arias stated in the registration are binding. Vocal coaches will be available. A personal vocal coach may be brought to the competition at the participant’s own expense. This should be noted on the registration form.

Please register for the competition by e-mail: mail@competizionedellopera.de

The competition coordinators are entitled to refuse any application without stating the reasons for doing so. In exceptional cases, registrations will also be accepted on the day of the preliminary round.

Participants of the Competizione dell`Opera grant permission to the competition committee the rights of their image, in video or still, and of the likeness and sound of their voice as recorded on audio or video tape at the events of the competition without payment or any other consideration. These images may be edited, copied, exhibited, published or distributed without inspection or approval of the finished product. Participants of the Competizione Opera waive any right to royalities or any other compensation arising or related to the use of their image or recording.


The application deadline ends three days prior the audition.

If a participant is unable to take part in one of the preliminary rounds for good reason, the competition coordinators may allow the participant to take part in an additional preliminary round in advance of the semifinal.

With the application the participant confirms that he/she has read the conditions of participation and agrees with following additional conditions:

All competitors agree to participate in all rehearsals and concerts related to the competition.

The jury reserves the right to not award prizes or to award prizes jointly. The jury’s decision is final and binding. There is no guarantee that all recitals will be held before the entire jury. The jury also reserves the right to hear only extracts from the chosen arias.

The Competizione dell‘ Opera e.V. reserves the right to take, copy, distribute, process and/or edit recordings and visual material during the entire course of the preliminary rounds, rehearsals, semifinal and final. The rights granted shall extend to use for television, radio, print media and other electronic, digital and audiovisual media and online services as well as for advertising purposes. Competizione dell’Opera e.V. may also asign these rights to television and radio stations. The entire competition shall be recorded for archive purposes.

Prizewinners agree to mention at performances and engagements that they are winners of the Competizione dell’ Opera.



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