Was als Marketingstrategie begann, um Eiscreme zu promoten, wurde zur Erfolgsgeschichte: Der Competizione dell`Opera hat sich den Ruf einer der weltweit wichtigsten Talentschmieden erarbeitet und gilt als einer der größten Gesangswettbewerbe der italienischen Oper. Das sei noch nichts Besonderes, sagen Sie? Auf den nächsten Seiten werden Sie verstehen, dass wir Ihnen da doch ganz freundlich widersprechen möchten.
The Vision
The Organisation
The Stars of Tomorrow
The Grand Finale
The Prizes

Now you come in:

The singing competition offers over thousand up-coming young singers the opportunity to appear in front of a highly distinguished jury. For the best among them, this will pave the way to an international career on the most highly regarded opera stages in the world.
The Competizione dell`Opera contributes very much to the cooperation between culture, politics and economics.Thus it supports gifted singers to a high level.
Good luck – we keep our fingers crossed!
In 1996 the competition was originated in Hamburg as I Cestelli Competizione dell`Opera by Prof. Hermann Rauhe, the former president of the University for Music and Theatre, under the direction of Prof. Hans Joachim Frey.
The initiator and incorporator of the Competizione dell`Opera Prof. Hans-Joachim Frey accompanies the singing competition from now on till 15 years.
The outline of success: Young people for young people – is formative ever since. Young, highly talented singers are managed by a not only young but professional team.
Absolute commitment and dedication create a unique atmosphere. The secret to the success of the lasting tradition and overwhelming response of this opera contest.
In search of young talents the competition management travels throughout Europe, Russia, Asia and Latin America throughout the year.
At venues such as Seoul, Shanghai, Santiago, Chile, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, MexicoCity, Istanbul, San Francisco, Houston, New York, Barcelona, Milan, Vienna, Zurich, Warsaw, London, Moscow, Minsk, Kiev, Yerevan, Ulan-Ude, Ekaterinburg , Sochi, St. Petersburg and Dresden the most talented young singers present oneselves, in order to qualify for the semifinals and the grand finale.
When the curtain rises on the evening of the finale, the competition reaches its highlight:
The competition has its roots in Hamburg. In 2001 it established in Dresden.
Since then it was held regularly in the Sächsischen Staatsoper Semperoper Dresden and anchored  as unique and distinctive label.
The year 2011 marked a turning point in the history of the competition. In context of an international cooperation between Dresden and Moscow the competition followed the invitation of the legendary Bolshoi Theater
After outstanding success in Russia’s most prominent opera house, the competition celebrates its coming finale in the prestigious Bruckner House in Linz, the European Capital of Culture.

Every year the Competizione dell ‚Opera enables its singers to experience the finest and most impressive opera stages around the world.

Where if not here, your creative mind will draw on unlimited resources.

Admittedly, our competition has one weak spot: it can not win everybody. For that the prospect is even more alluring… 

First Prize:

 EUR 10.000,-

Second Prize:

 EUR 6.000,-

Third Prize:

 EUR 4.000,-

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